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June 25, 2014NWFA Training CenterSt. Louis, MO

The National Wood Flooring Association's Bamboo Flooring inspector workshop is June 25, 2014, in Chesterfield, MO. This one-day workshop is open to all wood flooring professionals.

The Bamboo Flooring workshop is worth one NWFA Certified Professionals Continuing Certification Unit (CCU). Below is an outline detailing what the workshop includes.

The price is $299 for NWFA members or $399 for non-members.


Workshop Description: The Bamboo Flooring workshop delves into the biology and construction of bamboo, including a detailed analysis of cores, backing and wear layers, hot-pressed versus cold-pressed flooring, dimensional stability, and more. It will cover moisture testing, and common bamboo problems, causes and cures.

This workshop's instructors are: Tom Goodham (Teragren Fine Bamboo Flooring), Steve Lima (MAPEI Corp.), Jason Spangler (Wagner Meters), Jon Namba (Namba Services, Inc.), and Brett Miller (NWFA).

Meet your Bamboo Flooring workshop instructors:

Jon Namba is owner of Namba Services, Inc., in Salt Lake City, UT. He serves on NWFA Certified Professionals committees including Education, Hearing, Inspector Manual, Report Review, Symposium, and Marketing. Jon is an NWFACP Certified Installer, Sand & Finisher, and Inspector. He serves on the NWFA’s Membership Services Committee and has earned NWFA Craftsman, Master Craftsman, Vanguard, and Ambassador degrees. Jon is an NWFA and NWFACP technical training instructor for installation, sand & finish, and inspection. He is Editorial Director of Floor Covering Installer magazine.
Tom Goodham is the Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations for Teragren, LLC, a manufacturer of premium bamboo building products including flooring, panels, and veneer. Tom is responsible for the specifications, manufacturing, and testing of all Teragren products. He received a Bachelor of Science from Lewis and Clark College, has worked in the microbrewery and coffee industry, and has been with Teragren since 2003.

Steve Lima is OEM Technical Sales Representative with MAPEI Corporation in Saugus, Massachusetts. His primary responsibilities include overall accountability of OEM sales in the US. Steve has been in the adhesive business for more than 25 years. He serves on the NWFA Certified Professionals Board of Directors and NWFACP Report Review and Technical Education Committees. Steve is an NWFACP Certified Inspector and Installer. He has earned NWFA Craftsman, Master Craftsman and Vanguard degrees.
Jason Spangler is Product Sales Manager for Wagner Meters' Flooring Division. He has 20 years experience in sales and sales management in a spectrum of industries, including 10 years in building products. He has successfully launched a variety of products to the market, including the original Rapid RH moisture measurement devices. Spangler holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Southern Oregon University.
Brett Miller is the Director of Certification & Education at the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) in St. Louis, Missouri. Brett oversees the development, coordination, implementation and presentation of the NWFA’s technical training programs, workshops, and on-line training, as well as the NWFACP’s certification program. Brett is a wood floor inspector, has worked as a wood flooring project manager for a high-end retail business, and was a regional manager for a large finish manufacturer. He has been a wood floor contractor since 1991, a wood floor business owner since 1999, and an NWFA instructor since 2007. 


Bamboo Flooring workshop outline:

                           I. Introductions/Objectives of Course        
                          II. Understanding Bamboo                              

                         · Anatomy/Biology

                         · Dimensional stability

                         · Raw material quality 

                         · Construction

                          III. Strand Woven Bamboo                                         

                         · Construction methods: hot/cold press

                         · Drying and other quality considerations

                         · Acclimation

                         · Moisture testing challenges

                         · Glue-down challenges

                          IV. Moisture Testing of Bamboo                   

                           V. Installation Related Issues                         

                         · Adhesives

                         · Fasteners (fractures/dimples)

                         · Sanding Bamboo

                          VI. Panels (common inspection issues)           

                          VII. Round Table Discussion & Test                


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