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June 23, 2014NWFA Training CenterSt. Louis, MO

The National Wood Flooring Association's Utilizing Testing Labs inspector workshop is June 23, 2014, in Chesterfield, MO. This one-day workshop is open to all wood flooring professionals.

The Utilizing Testing Labs workshop is worth one NWFA Certified Professionals Continuing Certification Unit (CCU). Below is an outline detailing what the workshop includes.

The price is $299 for NWFA members or $399 for non-members.


Workshop Description: The Utilizing Testing Labs will teach you how to commission your services when using an independent testing agency, weigh the options of lab testing, select appropriate testing resources, prepare samples for testing, and how to use this data in your report. Learn how to discern what needs to be proven, analyze cost versus effectiveness, and what common tests are used. 

This workshop's instructors are: Dan Hindman (Virginia Tech), Jon Namba (Namba Services, Inc.), and Josh Hosen (HPVA Laboratories).

Meet your Utilizing Testing Labs workshop instructors:

Dr. Daniel Hindman, PE, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech. He teaches Wood Mechanics, Green Building Systems, Design of Wood Structures and Timber Engineering. He is the Editor of Wood Design Focus, a quarterly periodical for topics in the engineering and architecture community related to the use of wood materials. Dr. Hindman’s research focuses on efficient use of materials, safety in construction and sustainable building.
Jon Namba is owner of Namba Services, Inc., in Salt Lake City, UT. He serves on NWFA Certified Professionals committees including Education, Hearing, Inspector Manual, Report Review, Symposium, and Marketing. Jon is an NWFACP Certified Installer, Sand & Finisher, and Inspector. He serves on the NWFA’s Membership Services Committee and has earned NWFA Craftsman, Master Craftsman, Vanguard, and Ambassador degrees. Jon is an NWFA and NWFACP technical training instructor for installation, sand & finish, and inspection. He is Editorial Director of Floor Covering Installer magazine.
 Josh Hosen is the Manager of Certification Services at HPVA Laboratories in Reston, VA. He holds a B.S. degree from the Department of Wood Science (later renamed the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials) at Virginia Tech, and an M.S. in Wood Science with a focus on wood adhesive primer technologies from Virginia Tech. In his current role, Josh not only manages portions of the testing laboratory and certification programs, but also carries out detailed field inspections of quality systems at engineered wood flooring manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Utilizing Testing Labs workshop outline:

                   I.  Introductions/Objectives of Course

                  II. Floor Failure Investigation                   

             A. Commissioning Party’s Objective

    · Know what is being requested prior
      to accepting an assignment

    · Properly contracting your work to the client

             B. Pre-inspection Fact Gathering

    · Chain of custody

    · Events leading to the reported concern

    · Events leading to the inspection

    · Pre- and post-installation test results performed
      by installer or other parties prior to inspection

    · All relevant product submittals for the project to review

             C. The Inspection

    · Description of the concern

    · Relevant observations

    · Statements of all involved parties 

    · Results of relevant field tests performed

               III. What Tests Are Available (slides/samples/demonstrations)  

             A. Janka Testing

             B. Species Identification

             C. Testing (adhesives/finishes) 

             D. Shear vs. Delamination

             E. Fastener Hold

             F. Failure Analysis

             G. Taber Abrasion

             H. Spectrographic Analysis

              I. Micro Analysis

             J. Chemical Analysis

                 IV. Extracting Specimen from Floor (Hands-On)                                                           
                 V. Packaging and Shipping Specimen 

                VI. Utilizing testing laboratories in your report:                                 

                    A. Examples of situations in which utilizing testing
                        laboratories are necessary and how they can
                        impact the inspection (positive and negative)

                    B. Contracting with the client when using independent
                        laboratory testing

                    C. How to contract with an independent testing laboratory

                    D. What to do if there are anomalous results in a lab report

                    E. How to incorporate lab reports into the inspection report  

                    F. Examples of inspection reports which have utilized
                        laboratory testing   

               VII. Supporting Your Conclusion

              VIII. Finding a Relevant and Reliable Testing Agency

                                    IX. Round Table Discussion & Test                                  


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