NWFA Is Selecting Training Hosts

Team up with the NWFA to host training events in 2015. It's a win-win opportunity for your business and the industry

Workshops include wood floor installation, sand & finish, sales, inspection, and architecture & design.

Benefits of Hosting NWFA Training

+ Reducing claims by educating customers

+ Strengthening and growing customer base

+ Developing relationships with suppliers

+ Increasing visibility via NWFA marketing

Limited host locations will be selected for the 2015 NWFA Technical Education calendar.

So, don't wait. Start pedaling!

Success Story

Michael Benvenuti, Operations Manager of Wood Pro, Inc., in Stoughton, MA, shares the story of his whole-team success, having hosted NWFA training earlier in 2014:

"We started promoting the event with counter cards, telemarketing, our Facebook page and emailing more than 2,000 contacts.

"We also had our staff promoting training to any customers they talked to on the phone and those that stopped by our branch locations.

​"By hosting NWFA training, Wood Pro, Inc., has gained new accounts and developed new relationships from attendees.”

Learn what NWFA training can do for your business.

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